Are You Confused About Selecting A Custom T-Shirt Printing Method?

Whether you start your own business of custom t-shirt or you start selling custom t-shirts, you should know the methods and techniques of printing custom t-shirt. Some printing methods are best suitable for some specific type of fabric, and some printing depends on the type of job.

Printing methods depends upon the colors and variables you are planning to use in the printing. With so many variables, it is difficult to choose the printing method. As you know, the technology of printing has transformed the world of custom t-shirts. There are many new methods for printing custom t-shirt, but the old ones are still fighting.

Let’s put the printed t shirts method side by side so that you can know which printing method use which type of fabric and which is the best printing method:

  1. Screen printing:

Screen printing is a well-known printing method used in the printing of custom t-shirts. Screen printing is being used since way before you and I were born. In screen printing, a special kind of ink is used. Inks used in screen printer are thicker than the inks used in other printing methods which allows them to last longer and produce fabulous colours.

Screen printing can be used in many types of fabrics as it is the most common method used for printing custom t-shirt. can help you by providing this method.

  1. DTG(Direct to Garment):

DTG is an inkjet technology which is used to print high quality Image and colours on a custom t-shirt. DTG printing is best for complex designs but not for large projects. If you’re looking to print a few custom t-shirts, DTG is the best method.

DTG provides yo with no restriction in colors; you can use as many colors as you wish. DTG machines are not that big and compared to screen printing; its cartridge should not make a mess in a room.

DTG printers are designed to print only 100% cotton t-shirts.

  1. Dye Sublimation:

Dye sublimation is known for heat transferring printing. The way it works is by digitally printing graphics and applying heat to it. Sublimation is a very popular technique as it can produce different colors by just mixing them up and applying the heat. The ink used in dye sublimation becomes part of the t-shirt, making the print last longer.

Dye sublimation is not cheap as it can provide you with the best print for custom t-shirt. Dye sublimation is only used in poly blend based t-shirts. If your t-shirt contains more polyester, there will be more vibrant colors on your t-shirt. and can help you perform the dye sublimation method that can help you in your perfect branding.

  1. The CAD(Computer Aided Design):

 Computer-aided design is also known as a heat transferring method. Computer-aided design is used in custom t shirt printing, which are sports based. Computer-aided design prints numbers, names and logos on custom t-shirts.

This process uses a machine to cut out designs and pieces of colored vinyl. Computer-aided designs are best for printing one to three shirts only as their machines are expensive. Vinyl can be applied anywhere on the custom t-shirt.

The vinyl can be applied to any kind of fabrics, so the computer-aided design can be used to print any kind of fabric. The Computer aided design takes a lot of time because Vinyl takes time to cut. and provide you with computer-aided design printing.

  1. The Plastisol transferring printing:

The plastisol transferring printing is the same as screen printing, but it uses plastisol transfer paper.

First, the design is printed in plastisol transfer paper and then it is heated.  This type of printing can help to print custom t-shirt for the customers or companies beside your actual business. Its quality is same as screen printing.

It creates no mess, and it is good for testing custom t-shirts design prints. It uses the same fabric like screen printing. allows us to use this type of printing.

As you see, a different type of printing methods uses a different type of fabric for printing custom t-shirt and have different techniques; every method has its pros and cons. You should know the methods for printing and how they work so that you can use the right method for your successful business. and can help you find the most efficient and economical way of printing.

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